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Thank you for visiting, provides hundreds of dedicated products for global buyers. Our buyers are from the US, Europe, Australia and South America–totaling to over 150 countries worldwide. We also boast over 100,000 product listings from our factory. On, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products at very low prices.

Our logo

The shape of the logo is diamond in order to show up our company is aim to middle and high-end customers, and supply diamond grade service to them.

The logo takes the chinese 人 (Say in English: Human) shape as the basic design element, the outside was formed by three closed 人 that means the idea of agglomerate power, and transfer the corporate culture is based on people. The center of the logo are three overlapping letters, it is the first, the third, and the last letter of our company name. Letter A looks like a Peak, it shows the spirit of our company that we will make progress continuously, brave in innovating all the time "A", meanwhile, it also appears vividly that our determination that become the No.1 in our opponents "A".

The logo is designed as a chain style, and put letter A in the center, that means our company set AmandaMall as a brand and devoted to diversification development, everyone works together and is committed to each other in a team, make the company has a strong cohesive force. The molding of the logo is symmetrical and steady, that means the style of work in our company is prudent, standard, preciseness and staidness.

Our Promises

We promise to:

  • 1) Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.
  • 2) Streamline the buying and payment process making it easy and safe.
  • 3) Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed, precision and free.
  • 4) Provide 24 hour customer support on weekdays.
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